Solid Brazilian/Spruce Handmade Classical 10-String Guitar

SGD $8,200.00

This guitar is a one of a kind piece, personally for me at least, as this 10-string classical guitar was fully handmade by my father. 

My dad had studied woodwork and luthiery back in his school days and had a big wood collection since the 1970s. The Brazilian rosewood here had been obtained back in the 1970s and had been aging very well while being kept in storage. It is very difficult to find straight grain Brazilian Rosewood of this quality.

Everything was done by hand. This includes the shaping of the body, the bracing, the inlays and even the headstock carving. There is even a custom-built handrest made out of solid ebony wood. Phenomenal. 

It took him well over 2 years to make this guitar from scratch and he started this the day he retired. Unfortunately, this has just been recently sold to a good friend of his who himself is a great classical guitar player. I have been trying to convince my dad to go into full-time guitar making with whatever stock he has left. He has mainly gone into exotic builds like a 13 and 14 string classical guitar as well as refurbishing works. Hopefully this sale will convince him.