About Us

jMave Guitars was founded in 2016.... in my head. While pursuing a career as a scientist, guitar playing and gear was a constant in my life and very much part of who I was, and who I still am. It reached a point in my life where I found myself constantly thinking about gear and guitar playing. A friend once told me, " Don't give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about."

It soon reached a point where I could no longer sit on it and I started to do lots of research of what I felt would work and what I felt was 'organic', and not forced. I reached a conclusion that I would be much more satisfied trying(and possibly failing) than to just not do anything about this dream and constantly wonder about it all my life. Hence, jMave Guitars was born. 

My journey with guitar gear and tone began sometime after I had graduated from University and started a research job. I had always been interested in guitars growing up but I was only able to pursue it after starting a job for obvious reasons. I was (and still am) in a church band and my gear repertoire started out really small. I can still vividly remember the one incident where I hooked up a new high gain distortion pedal I had bought with my first pay to my pedalboard. When it came to my solo part during one of the rehearsals, I engaged the pedal with such anticipation thinking that I could roar through the mix and satisfy my inner rock star. To my horror and disappointment, I could not hear my tone at all. We even cut the song half way with my band leader asking me what was going on.

“You mean to tell me that more gain is not always better?” I asked myself.

I went back and did lots of research and soon started to discover the way frequencies work in a band. I also learned which part of the frequencies the guitar should work to be in. And that was how it all began. I would spend endless hours hearing pedal demos and scouring for the latest pedal releases. That was when I realized that with gear, there is a component to it that is incredibly inspiring. Every pedal that someone chooses to buy is in a way a representation of themselves. A pedalboard is in essence something that reflects a person’s own inspiration

jMave Guitars is like my journey in the guitar gear world. I didn’t want to just bring “boutique” gear for the sake of it but I wanted something that was equally as inspiring. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that behind every builder lies a story. A story of choosing to take that leap to pursue that inner desire of perfection. So here we are. Every piece of gear that is brought to you here has been meticulously built with fine craftsmanship. Feel free to take a look around and I hope that it inspires you as much as it inspires me.


Founder, jMave Guitars