About Us

jMave Guitars was founded a year ago.... in my head. While pursuing a career as a scientist, guitar playing and gear was a constant in my life and very much part of who I was, and who I still am. It reached a point in my life where I found myself constantly thinking about gear and guitar playing. A friend once told me, " Don't give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about."

It soon reached a point where I could no longer sit on it and I started to do lots of research of what I felt would work and what I felt was 'organic', and not forced. I reached a conclusion that I would be much more satisfied trying(and possibly failing) than to just not do anything about this dream and constantly wonder about it all my life. Hence, jMave Guitars was born. 

All the brands that are brought to you by me have been carefully researched, thought-out and tested. And I hope to meet some of you to enjoy the work of many world-class builders that I bring to you.


Founder, jMave Guitars