Science Amplification Mother Preamp Pedal

SGD $425.00

The Mother preamp is a recreation of its dual channel tube-powered namesake, but refined into pedal format. Just like the full-fledged amp, the Mother preamp is our modern take on the vintage high-wattage sounds of the early 70’s with added tonal range, control, and a voice all its own. The Mother preamp is designed to work equally well on your pedal board and into the front of your favorite amp, into a power amp, and recording interface/DAW (in conjunction with speaker emulation/IRs). The result is a wide-ranging utilitarian dual channel preamp that can add dimension and versatility to your rig with an eerily convincing Science signature tube tone.


  • Accurate tonal recreation of the dual channel Mother MkIII amplifier
  • All analog FET signal path for tube-like response and tone
  • Designed to accommodate both guitar and bass
  • Two footswitchable channels with independent Gain and Loudness controls
  • Shared Treble, Middle, Bass EQ section 
  • Depth control to tailor front end bass response and feel
  • Absence control to smooth or emphasize harmonic content 
  • Distinctly voiced dual outputs for use into the front of a guitar or bass amp, directly into a power amp/effects return, or recording interface (when used in conjunction with speaker emulation)
  • External footswitch jack for remote channel switching (external switch sold separately)