Sabbadius Custom 69 Tiny Vibe

SGD $625.00

SABBADIUS introduces the NEW Tiny-Vibe manufactured with the same components as its big brother, the Funky-Vibe, but in a smaller enclosure. It has the same PCB, same components and functionalities except the FOOT CONTROL jack was eliminated to save space.  But, it has a SPEED knob at the right that allows you to adjust the SPEED with your foot.

Another thing the Tiny-Vibe doesn't have is the fuse socket and the inside transformer.

The size of the enclosure is smaller than the Funky-Vibe and helps reduce the price of the Tiny-Vibe.  The 68 Tiny-Vibe has the same components and specifications as the old 68´s Honey Uni-Vibe and the 69 Tiny-Vibe version has the same components and specifications as the Shin-ei 1969 version. We use custom made photocells (LDR/CDS) to give the Sabbadius Tiny-Vibe the original Uni-Vibe kind of sound.

The transistors used are the Matsushita 2sC828 and 2sC539 for the pre-amp section like in the original Uni-Vibe. The pedal features 3 knobs, which adjust VOLUME, INTENSITY, and SPEED.

It also features 2 footswitches: one of them activates the True Bypass; the other switch is the CANCEL function which allows you to use the pedal as a pre-amp just like the original Uni-Vibe pre-amp sound. This function turns off the lamp bulb, keeping a high impedance in the photocells.  This gives you a wonderful pre-amp tone and signal boost just like original Uni-Vibes did with the tact switch in the foot control pedal. It has a BLACK soft rocker switch that you set in either "CHORUS" or "VIBRATO" mode.

The SABBADIUS Tiny-Vibe doesn’t use batteries so this means it only works with a DC 18 Volt 200mA NEGATIVE CENTER PIN Power Supply. (You can use a DC 18Volt power Supply with 100Ma, but for best response use DC 18volt 200mA)


* VOLUME: sets the output volume.

* SPEED: sets the effect's speed in either mode.

* INTENSITY: sets the effect's intensity or depth.

* CHORUS - VIBRATO Mode ROCKER SWITCH: sets whether CHORUS Mode or VIBRATO Mode is activated.

* CANCEL Footswitch: activates the lamp bulb to swirl the effect or turn off the lamp to use as a pre-amp like original Uni-Vibe's does.

* TRUE BYPASS: Premium quality 3PDT True Bypass footswitch to turn the effect ON/OFF.

* INSTRUMENT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Input jack for instruments.

* OUTPUT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Output jack for amplifiers or other effects.

* Can be powered only with a DC 18 Volt 200mA Power Supply with NEGATIVE CENTER PIN.

* U.S.A made VINTAGE Soft Rocker Switch.

* 5mm Custom Made Photocells exclusive for Sabbadius Electronics.


* ON/OFF Red LED for True Bypass Indicator.

* SPEED LED indicator.

* Black Chicken Head Knobs with Crest for 68 version and Creamy/White for the 69 version

* Chewy tone and strong INTENSITY for more 3D Underwater double pulse kind of sound.

* Original 1960s Japanese lamp bulb.

* 100% Hand Wired & Soldered.

* 100% analog circuit.

* Material: Aluminium enclosure.

* Size: Length 144mm x Width 110mm x Height 60mm (with knobs).

* Weight: 500grs. Aprox.