Sabbadius Custom 69 Funky Vibe UK230V

SGD $695.00

After an important investment in LDR/CDS photocells, long testing hours and more than 5 prototypes tested once and again, we've finally hit the bulls-eye. SABBADIUS manufactures its Original Funky-Vibe version 2020 with the components and
specifications of the old 68's Honey Uni-Vibe & 69s Shin-ei version. We use Custom Made Photocells (LDR/CDS) to give to the Funky-Vibe the Original Uni-Vibe kind of sound.

This is the one made by Shin-ei Companion in Japan in 1969 when Honey UNICORD got bankrupt. So this Japanese company started making them and changed some inside components that make the sound slighty different compared with the 1968 Uni-Vibe. This version was the one used by David Gilmour and Robin Trower on the 70s.

The transistors used here are the Matsushita 2sC828 and 2sC539 for the Pre-Amp sectionlike in the original Uni-Vibe. The pedal features 3 knobs, which set VOLUME, INTENSITY and SPEED. It has a 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) output connection for a CUSTOM MADE expression pedal, allowing you to control the speed with your foot (Expression Pedal NOT included). It also features 2 footswitches: one of them activates the effect for True Bypass, the other one switch is the CANCEL function that allows you to use the pedal as a Pre-Amp or the original Uni-Vibe effect sound this means that you turn off the lamp bulb keeping a high impedance in the photocells that gives to the sound a wonderful Pre-Amp like Original Uni-Vibe's did in the foot control pedal with the tact switch.

It has a hand painted soft switch with airbrush and enamel paint lacquered with gloss
lacquer for a longer duration of the painting. RED/WHITE soft Rocker Switch that you
set the mode´s in RED POSITION DOWN activates the "CHORUS" MODE and when the WHITE POSITION IS DOWN you are in "VIBRATO" MODE. SABBADIUS provides an original 14 Vac ~ 200mA transformer inside the enclosure like the Original Uni-Vibe has and the cable cord from the unit to the wall so is ready to plug and play.