Pinstripe Pedals MBFR Multi Buffer

SGD $245.00

High-quality, high current buffer/signal splitter for use in multiple scenarios.  It is powered by normal (Boss-style) pedalboard-friendly 9Vdc from any supply (no special adapters needed).  The jacks are oriented specifically to integrate with your other pedals (fits easily on your board).  Uses a genuine Jensen Transformer for the cleanest, clearest signal and the greatest noise rejection.

High input impedance TS input.  Output 1 is a low impedance TS output.  Output 2 uses the same buffer as output 1 but adds a Jensen line isolation transformer to allow ground lift and Polarity Reverse functions.  This is useful when combining two amplifiers for greater tonal effect.  Output 2 is on an isolated 1/4 inch Switchcraft jack that can be used in either a TS or TRS configuration.

Output 2 can be used as an active DI for recording and allows for balanced connection via TRS or using a TRS to XLR adapter (available separately)

All-metal connectors from Switchcraft.  High-quality, sealed switches from Grayhill.  Handbuilt at our shop in Oklahoma.