PeacehillFX TS808 Tube Screamer 12AU7 Mod

SGD $595.00

This is a modification of the famous TS808 equipped with a 12AU7. By adding a vacuum tube amplifier section to the second stage of the main drive circuit,  you can get

・Richer overtones

・Deeper overdrive and volume

・Add presence that does not get buried in the ensemble

and more.

The gain of the tube can be adjusted separately using the knob on the side of the main unit. The volume of the main unit functions as the master volume.

In addition, a mini-switch has been added to select the clipping on/off of the main unit's circuitry, enabling a wide range of sound creation from clean booster to fuzzy distortion, which is not possible with the original.

A vintage 12AU7 and compatible tubes which is selected by the builder is equipped.

Enjoy the real "Tube Scream"er.