PeacehillFX TRJM in Kimono w/ Footswitch #50

SGD $1,050.00

PeaceHillFX is hand-made in Japan by Koji-San. They are made with top-of-the-range components with great care. Here is what Koji has to say:


Thank you very much for purchasing Peace Hill FX pedal.
Our brand uses high-end and vintage parts for the main parts, and each unit is hand-made with care. The reason why we started the brand was because we started making pedals that we wanted to have while pursuing music equipment through our own band activities. Because they are handmade, the parts used are slightly different for each unit. In addition to the merits of the sound, we make each pedal with the idea that "it" is "your one and only". Due to the nature of the product, it is impossible to make a uniform product, but we strictly select the parts to be used and only make products that meet our standards.

All of our pedals are manufactured in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, a city where you can feel the four seasons along with the magnificent waterfalls flowing down, and we place great importance on the beauty of the exterior and wiring, as well as the breath of Japan with the awareness of "once in a lifetime.

*About TRJM Tube Preamp*

  • This tube preamplifier is inspired by boutique amps that pursue the beauty of clean tones.
  • Just like the actual unit, it has a 3-band EQ and three mini switches for a wide range of sound creation.
  • By placing it at the last stage of your effects chain and plugging it to the returns of various amplifiers, you can get a more constant “tube sound” in any studio. In addition to the return connection, simply connecting it to the input of a transistor amp also works musically.
  • Use it when you plug your guitar into the line input of your audio interface to get a more natural electric guitar sound. For recording at home or practicing with headphones.
  • In the production stage, we use 12AX7 or its compatible tubes (7025, 5751, etc.). 12AX7 tubes can be replaced, so you can enjoy the change in sound due to the individuality of the tubes.

1. Gain 2. Treble 3. Middle 4. Bass 5. Master Volume
6. Bright Switch 7. Mid Boost
8. Deep : This lowers the center of gravity of the tone and changes the effect of the 3-band EQ.
9. DC Adaptor In : Use a 12V DC center-negative adaptor
10. ON / OFF Foot Switch : Some models may not have this feature.
11. LED Indicator : If the foot switch is not installed, it indicates the power on/off.

!CAUTION! ※Please make sure to read
●This pedal is driven by vacuum tubes at high voltage, and heat is emitted from multiple components during use. Please be careful not to completely block the heat dissipation holes on the side of the unit when using it on your pedal board.
●Due to the high current consumption, use an AC adapter or power supply with a capacity of 500mA or more. If a failure occurs due to the use of an out-of-specification power supply, such as a power supply with a voltage exceeding 12V, it will be repaired for a fee.
●After use, be sure to unplug the DC jack or turn off the main power of the AC adapter or power supply to avoid continuous power supply to the pedal. Continuous use for long periods of time may damage the unit and shorten the life of the vacuum tubes. You can also turn off the pedal by unplugging the input jack.
●There are points inside the pedal where a high voltage current of 300V or more flows. When replacing the vacuum tube, please do so after about one hour of unplugging the power supply. Even if the power is off, touching electronic parts immediately after use may release electricity accumulated in the electrolytic capacitor, and there is a risk of electric shock. Also, when replacing the vacuum tube, take sufficient care not to touch any parts other than the vacuum tube, and do so at your own risk.
●After using the pedal, the vacuum tube, coil, and other parts will be quite hot. When replacing the vacuum tube, avoid doing so immediately after use, and be careful not to burn yourself.
●Up to about 5 minutes after power-on, the vacuum tube is not fully warmed up and the sound may be noisy.