Origin Effects Hot Rod Deluxe Custom

SGD $965.00

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom is overflowing with the most beloved and sought-after overdriven amp tones from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, voiced for ruthless high-gain distortion. But this is no digital emulation. RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom uses real circuit topology to replicate the breakup characteristics, sag, and ghosting of classic American and British amps. For tone chasers, it’s a veritable dream machine, giving you access to limitless tones. And it’s designed to provide those brutal dimed-amp sounds at neighbor-friendly volumes, without any sonic sacrifice. RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom offers valve and silicon rectifier channels so that you can play around with different combinations of power amp sag, from syrupy slow tube sag to snappy solid-state rectification. To hammer home its authentic sound, RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom contains a built-in reactive load so that it responds to dynamics just like the real thing would, with the touch sensitivity and harmonic tone generation that make old-school amp overdrive sound so sweet. Guitarists at Sweetwater know you can never have enough flavors of overdrive, and Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom puts an amp room’s worth of world-class amp overdrive right at your feet.


Massive range of British and American amp tones

RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom's simple but robust control section makes dialing up your favorite tones a breeze. Control how and when RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom breaks up with the Volume knob, just like on a non-master-volume amp. The Bass control lets you select the amount of low frequencies that get fed into the drive. Let them all in for some wild and wooly OD or trim them back to tighten and focus your tone. Use RevivalDRIVE Hot Rod Custom's ample controls to enhance presence, tailor your mids, and select from the preamp behavior characteristics of the all-time great American and British guitar amps.