Origin Effects Cali76 FET Compressor

SGD $465.00


  • All-analogue signal path 
  • Ultra-fast FET compression 
  • 1176®-inspired circuitry 
  • Dedicated Attack, Release and Ratio controls 
  • Dry Blend control for parallel compression 
  • 10-LED bar graph gain reduction meter 
  • Voltage increased internally to 24V for high headroom 
  • Optimised for guitar, compatible with line-level signals 
  • Improved dynamic response matches large format Cali76 
  • High-quality buffered bypass 
  • Premium components throughout 
  • Designed and built in England 



Nothing comes close to the ultra-fast response of a great, all-analogue FET Compressor. With the perfect balance of character and clarity, and a full set of studio-style controls, this pedal serves up the studio-grade compression that Origin Effects built its reputation on. In fact, the Cali76 FET Compressor’s sidechain has been tweaked to match the rare and desirable “large format” Cali76 from 2012, giving it even more punch and clarity. 

It wouldn’t be a modern compressor pedal without a DRY control, allowing you to achieve parallel compression without the need for any extra gear. Parallel compression is a popular studio technique that mixes heavy compression with the natural dynamics of your dry signal. The DRY control on the Cali76 FET Compressor lets you do this on your pedal board, getting you the perfect blend of presence, sustain and articulation. 

Great compression needs great headroom and this pedal has plenty. Voltages are increased internally to 24V from a standard 9VDC supply. The Cali76 FET Compressor can stay crystal-clear anywhere in your signal chain and can deal with line-level signals from keyboards and studio outboard gear. Need your compressor to share pedalboard and home studio duties? No problem! 

Trust your ears, but trust your meters too! The 10-LED gain reduction meter gives you an accurate visual indication of how much the pedal is compressing and how fast. Housed in a compact, brushed stainless enclosure and built in the UK from premium components, the Cali76 FET Compressor puts the tone, versatility and sophistication of studio compression right at your feet.