Origin Effects Bass Rig 64' Black Panel

SGD $690.00

The BassRIG ’64 Black Panel is an Analogue Amp Recreation, paying tribute to the Fender® Showman® and Bassman® amps of the mid-Sixties, along with their 2x15 cabs. Before the days of the modern bass amp, these high-powered heads were relied on by everyone from Soul session players to Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty. We firmly believe that these early bass tones are some of the best ever, and the BassRIG ’64 Black Panel delivers all the warmth and grit that define this boundary-pushing era.

This pedal features an entire valve amp circuit recreated in miniature, with all the controls
you need to craft the perfect bass amp tone, while the BLEND knob adds clean signal to
preserve clarity and low-end. The XLR-equipped DI output’s analogue cabinet simulator provides a huge and authentic tone direct to your mixing console and the 1⁄4” output
features our proprietary Amp Out EQ. This post-drive filter ensures compatibility with any
amp and cab, meaning you never have to compromise your clean tone or struggle with
the house backline.