Morningstar MC6 MKii MIDI Controller

SGD $325.00

The MC6 MKII is a redesign and upgrade from our famous MC6 Midi Controller. It is a compact-sized, fully programmable midi controller, giving you control over all your MIDI-capable pedals or devices regardless of brand or model. Each switch can be programmed to send different messages based on what action you make, whether it is a single tap, double tap, release and so on.

30 USER BANKS OF 12 PRESETS - That’s 360 programmable slots. Plenty of space to store all the presets/functions you need!

SIMULTANEOUS MIDI CONTROL - Control up to 16 different MIDI devices at the same time with a single tap.

BANK AND PRESET NAMING - Banks and switches can be named by you so that you always know exactly what they do.

EXPRESSION PEDALS - Connect up to 2 expression pedals for smooth continuous control over your desired effect parameters.

SET GLOBAL TAP TEMPO - Sync all or selected pedals’ global BPM with the MIDI Clock Tap Tempo function on the MC6.

CUSTOMIZABLE MIDI MESSAGE TYPES - Select from more than 20 MIDI message types and functions including PC, CC, Note, SysEx, MIDI Clock and many more.

USB CLASS COMPLIANT MIDI - Control any of your favourite DAWs and music software. Compatible with Windows, OSX and iOS.