Milkman Amps Ministack White UK240V

SGD $2,150.00
The amplifier head consists of a 5 watt class A 6V6 based circuit with a simple 12AX7 preamp. There is one input on the front with controls for volume and tone. The circuit is hand wired point to point style with no circuit board and minimal wire. Because of its extra small size, the circuit must be built this way. The circuit has no negative feedback and therefore breaks up at a moderate volume for home or studio use.

Included with the head is a ported 80hm speaker cabinet with 8” Jupiter ceramic magnet speaker inside. This cabinet sounds huge, even though its only 10” by 10”.

The mini head can power any 8 ohm speaker cabinet, and has that classic class A crunch when you push the volume. Sparkly and punchy clean tones turn into thick distortion and lead tones when the amp begins to saturate.

5W Class A via 6V6 power tube


8” Ceramic Jupiter Speaker, 8 ohm

Head: W 7" x H 7" x D 6" 7lbs

Cabinet: W 10" x H 10" x D 10” 10lbs