• Keyztone EXchanger

Keyztone EXchanger

The first pickup enhancer that remodels your pickup without changing anything on your guitar.

How it works: This pedal is not an EQ pedal as EQ pedals do not manage the input signal. When the pedal receives the electromagnetic signals from the pickups, the exchanger within transforms any response into a flat response. All this is done through analog processing and is not digital. With the flat response, it is a clean basis to modify your tone to the appropriate pickup selected. Hence, it is now possible for your Strat to sound like a Les Paul and vice versa. 

This is also particularly useful for 3-4 piece band scenarios where you need to switch between acoustic and electric songs but only have one guitarist. The EXchanger is able to model the sound of an acoustic guitar with an electric with the Supa'Clean mode.

All in all, this is a highly economical option if you wish to obtain different pickup tones with just one guitar.