Jersey Girl Handmade Guitars Plusdriver

SGD $485.00

*Note* As of Feb 2022, the Plusdriver has been discontinued due to difficulty in obtaining the components used to make this drive. This will be the last piece made for this batch.

The Plusdriver is a higher gain option over its sister Fulltender. It features a silky smooth gain stage that saturates nicely, making it easy to control and tune with any rig. It also features a "pre" and "post" switch that allows you change the position of the boost to be before or after the drive respectively.


  • HUSTLE: Controls the gain of 'Hustlemaker'
  • DRIVE: Controls the gain of drive(Fulltender)
  • LEVEL: Controls the output level

Use this control to compensate the output level with reference to bypass.


  • CHARACTER: Select the boost(Hustlemaker)positions.
    pre - Boost before 'Fulltender'
    post - Boost after 'Fulltender'


  • Husthtlemaker: Switches the boost on or off.
  • Fulltender: Switches the drive on or off.