Jersey Girl Handmade Guitars Midranger

SGD $375.00

The Midranger is a tone control pedal that pushes and tunes your mid-range with a variety of colored tones. This sweetens your mid-boosted sound, unlike the usual hollow and compressed sounds that are commonly associated with mid-boosting pedals. It is especially useful for cutting through the mix during your roaring solos or to just give you that little extra in your rhythm lines if you need to.


Controls the output level.
Use this control to compensate the output level
with reference to bypass.


  • Select the boost positions.
  • yellow - Boost the most high of mid
  • pink - Boost middle
  • red - Boost middle
  • green - Boost bit low than 'red'
  • blue - Boost the most low of mid

DC9v or 9v Battery drive with Soft Bag