Jersey Girl Handmade Guitars Fulltender Overdrive in Grey

SGD $415.00

The legendary Fulltender is a classy overdrive that is full of overtones and character. It is designed to push your favourite clean tones over the edge into overdrive territory while adding the beloved glassy and harmonics close to the "SRV-type" sound. It is also equipped with an "Edge" switch that gives you more punch in the higher register and the "Bottom" switch that gives you more growl for rhythmic playing or for more grit. This is one truly a simple yet versatile overdrive.


  • DRIVE: Controls the gain of drive input
  • LEVEL: Controls the output level

Use this control to compensate the output level with reference to bypass.


  • CHARACTER: Select the boost positions.
  • edge-Boost trebleli
  • bottom-Boost bass
  • FOOTSWITCH: Switches the effect on or off.

DC9v or 9v Battery drive with Soft Bag