Effectrode Delta Trem Tube Tremolo

SGD $655.00

The Delta-Trem™ authentically recreates the alluring, hypnotic tone and feel of vintage guitar amp tremolo in S-T-E-R-E-O! This is accomplished using vacuum tubes and an archaic, long forgotten electronic component known as a ‘Raysistor’, essentially a tiny filament lamp and photocell housed together in a small metal can. The combination of Raysistor and all-tube circuitry tube creates an exceptionally smooth, rich and musical tremolo effect that blends well with clean and overdriven guitar sounds. The true stereo signal path allows the Delta-Trem to operate as a mono tremolo with a single guitar amp or into two amps, where the sound ping-pongs between them creating a huge, 3-D, spacious tone.

The Delta-Trem’s incredibly versatile LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) can generate anything from a subtle shimmer to deep amplitude modulation (AM) for some good old Louisiana swamp blues. In fact, this pedal can faithfully reproduce the smooth, buttery pulse of the early Fender® ‘Brown’ Princeton amp or the deeper, more intense throb of the neon/photocell tremolo in Fender’s later ‘Blackface’ Deluxe and Twin Reverb amplifier models. Further, we’ve ironed out all the shortcomings associated these vintage amp tremolos: the Delta-Trem’s circuit operation is essentially noiseless with none of the audible “ticking” of photocell tremolo and there’s no danger of output stage tubes going into meltdown (“red-plating”) because of incorrect biasing.


  • Genuine Tube Circuitry: 100% vacuum tube and ‘Raysistor’ audio circuitry generates the tremolo effect. The tubes operate at real amp plate voltages at 300V, just like in a vintage tube amp!
  • Smooth and Deep Tremolo: LFO with advanced pulse shaping capability can accurately replicate either smooth ‘Bias’ or more intense, choppy ‘Photocell’ tremolo effects.
  • True S-T-E-R-E-O: When “linked the signal ping-pongs between left and right outputs, or the two tremolos can be split for independent operation were left and right channels drift in and out of phase.
  • ‘Dakaware’ Knobs: Authentic bakelite ‘Dakaware’, Chicago 1510 knobs custom manufactured for Effectrode in the U.S.A using the original 1940s moulds.
  • Turquoise LEDs pulsate with modulation speed for visual song tempo matching.
  • Includes 12V Wall-wart Power Supply High quality low-noise switched mode 12VDC at 1.5A wall-wart compatible with all our pedals. Accepts 100V to 240VAC mains input and comes with different mains outlet adaptor plugs, so there is always a plug that fits the country that you are playing in.