Disaster Area QConnect Black

SGD $295.00

qCONNECT is a compact controller with eight 1/4″ outputs, designed to control an entire pedalboard full of pedals by Chase Bliss Audio, Alexander, Empress, Meris, and Bondi.  qCONNECT also supports standard 5-pin MIDI pedals, and can control one USB MIDI device (Red Panda, Zoom, etc.) using our gHOST Adaptor Cable.

Simply connect your MIDI devices to the qCONNECT ports, then use our comprehensive setup menu to configure the port assignments and device routing.  All of the qCONNECT ports may send MIDI on the ring (Chase Bliss) or on the tip (most other brands) without using jumpers or DIP switches.

Setting up your devices is easy – we offer simple step-by-step guides for all of the currently supported devices.

You can even link multiple qCONNECTs together to control very large pedal setups, or use a qCONNECT to expand the capabilities of your current controller.

  • Six 1/4″ MIDI outputs with software-assignable polarity – no jumpers or DIP switches required

  • Two 1/4″ outputs assignable to MIDI, expression pedal, or tap functionality

  • Port X supports bi-directional MIDI with Alexander and Meris devices to allow for preset backup over USB

  • Port Y supports bi-directional MIDI with select Disaster Area controllers including micro.clock

  • Standard 5-pin MIDI input and output to interface with other devices or controllers

  • Flexible MIDI routing, assign incoming MIDI to ports A-F, port X, port Y or any combination

  • Compact Size – 4.8″ x 2.6″ x 1.4″, same size as Boss, Chase Bliss, or Alexander pedals

  • Blue LED display with 10 brightness levels and display sleep mode

  • USB port connects to your DAW or mobile device for MIDI communication or firmware update. Use our optional gHOST Adaptor cable to control a single USB MIDI device (Red Panda, Zoom, etc.)

  • Runs on standard 9V power, 100mA or less

Ports A-F work with MIDI devices connected to TIP or RIN of each jack. Use our TRS-Y Cable to split any or all of these ports to connect two devices to each.

Ports X and Y are configurable as MIDI Tip, MIDI Ring, MIDI Tip & Ring, MIDI Input & Output, Expression Pedal, or Tap Tempo input.

Dedicated 5-pin MIDI ports on the left and right sides allow for direct control of 5-pin devices and MIDI input from a master controller.