Dan Drive Pedals Secret Weapon Relic White

SGD $745.00

The SECRET WEAPON was born as JD Simo asked for Zonk/Tonebender kinda fuzz with more midrange,  to combine it with a Wah Wah in the down position to achieve old classic tones (you know it). Also the fuzz needs to fit when he runs it into one of his cranked Fender amps (cranked means on „10“) So we tweaked the Zonkmachine MKI circuit to his liking and the SECRET WEAPON was born! Compared to the SECRET MACHINE, the WEAPON is more raw, midrangy and build to JDs liking in the  way he plays…. L O U D ! 

The mini toggle can provide about + 10-15% more midrange as in the down position. 

- KNOBS: level, fuzz, bias 

- 9v battery use (not incl. 

- 9v DC power supply, center negative (not incl.) 

- 125B enclosure (size differs sometimes about 1-2mm, depending on the manufacturer) 

- IN and OUT jacks on top 

- 9v DC jack on top 

- jewel amp light 

- true bypass 

- 3x germanium transistors  

- 1x mini toggle - the switch for mids