Dan Drive Pedals Secret Machine Relic Blue

SGD $745.00

This is our take on the classic JHS Zonkmachine MKI. Full germanium based with two more tricks like the  bias knob an the switch for mids. The classic version is pretty harsh, bright and brittle, so we smoothed  out the midrange frequancies to a level it’s just killer! If you like the brighter side, set the mini toggle to the  down position and for more mids, toogle up! This is a really nasty fuzz with great volume and is a special  one in the world of fuzzes. 

 - our SECRET MACHINE has no clean up if lowering the guitar volume, but it offers nice and bright octa up sounds - (depends on your setting) 

- KNOBS: level, fuzz, bias 

- 9v battery use (not incl. 

- 9v DC power supply, center negative (not incl.) 

- 125B enclosure (size differs sometimes about 1-2mm, depending on the manufacturer) 

- IN and OUT jacks on top 

- 9v DC jack on top 

- jewel amp light 

- true bypass 

- 3x germanium transistors  

- 1x mini toggle - the switch for mids