Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive

SGD $375.00

Have you ever tried reaching that John Mayer tone we know and love?


Have you ever played with a Tube screamer just wishing to have more control over the tone and dyanimc of the pedal?

The answer to the above cases has a name: the Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive.

The Antique is our take on the classic sounds that are associated with the Tube Screamer.

However, the Antique is not a clone. While it definitely belongs to the Screamer-like family of overdrives, It has a well-defined tone specifically tweaked to achieve the bluesy sounds of John Mayer.

The Gain and Volume controls are pretty much self-explanatory.

But here comes the magic designed to help you find a renewed inspiration when using a classic screamer sound:

The TONE control: it manages the low-mid frequency content.
The PRESENCE control: it shapes the hi-mids and high-end content.
MIDS (cut) toggle switch: it manages the overall mids content, in UP position is the classic TS mids, in DOWN position mids are cut.

These three controls together allow you to discover a whole new different sounds and colors, all in the tonal range of John Mayer Trio sounds.

Finally, the COMP switch is managing the overall dynamic response of the pedal.


  • Input impedance 1M
  • Output impedance 50K
  • 9VDC negative tip 2.1mm socket
  • Up to 40mA current consumption
  • Dimensions: 122 x 67 x 40mm