British Pedal Company Compact Series MKII Tone Bender

SGD $440.00

The BPC Compact Series MKII Tone Bender is a detailed replica of the 1966 PROFESSIONAL MK II although in a pedal board-friendly casing. The OC81D Loaded Professional MK II can be heard on many Jimmy/Led Zeppelin Tracks such as ‘Whole lotta love’.

BPC Compact Series MKII Tone Bender

  • Small casing variant
  • Level and Attack controls
  • 3x OC81D Transistors (OC75 by Request)
  • Negative 9V Inlet
  • As used by the Jimmy Page
  • Limited production

*** Please note All Compact Series Pedals require their own isolated 9V power supply. This is due to the nature of the PNP Transistors which cannot be used with a daisy chained supply.