Bondi Effects Sick As High Shredroom (Graphite)

SGD $355.00

With help from Earthling Designs, we pushed the gain of this High Shredroom Edition of the Sick As Overdrive almost past sensibility. The sweep of the gain control has been narrowed for usability meaning it does not go completely clean anymore, but that's not really what this pedal is for. The mid-range focus has been narrowed to open up the top and bottom end, making it more articulate and aggressive.

  • All day distortion
  • Dynamic and natural, responsive to your pick attack or volume knob.
  • Internally boosted to 18 volts for maximum headroom and clarity.
  • Toggle switch controls the amount of headroom and character of the drive.
  • Powerful active tonestack, capable of 15dB of boost or cut
  • Soft touch buffered bypass switching
  • Current Consumption ~65mA