Blue Colander Pedals Tibetan Quaalude - Sunn Model T Style

SGD $400.00

Tibetan Quaalude is my recreation of the fabled Sunn Model T amplifier sound in a preamp pedal format. It's circuit topology is inspired by original amp's schematic and executed with matched JFET transistors. Each circuit stage is carefully tuned to provide different operation conditions, just like in a real amp, and vast amount of available tones with that recognisable, fat growl. Transistor will probably never replace real tubes for their sound, but I believe TQ gets as close as it's possible with 9V power supply operation. Pedal includes 3-band FMV tone stack (voiced just like the original first gen Model T) and additional dirty boost section in front of the preamp, which can be used independently or stacked together.

Tibetan Quaalude can be used not only as a standalone overdrive/distortion pedal, clean preamp, booster or other pedals 'platform', but it's huge output volume also allows to stack it straight into external power amplifier - thanks to the high gain output stage providing additional volume capacity and tone shaping, for even more real Model T resemblance.


Please see block diagram document representing internal stages sequence to better understand pedal operation. Each stage of pedal's circuit provides different harmonic content, so distorting any of them yields in a different overall sound.

- boost sets dirty booster output level
- normal/brite knobs set channels output level
- bass/midrange/treble - interactive EQ
- volume sets total preamp output level (in front of output stage), the same operation as 'master volume' knob in Model T amplifier
- master - true master volume control (at the very end of Quaalude's circuitry).

BE CAREFUL with tweaking volume and master knobs - pedal can get deafening loud. Best setting to start is master maxed, volume, normal and brite at 9 o'clock. Turn channels to taste and eventually alter master to volume relation.

- high gain boost switch - down position for moderately dirty boost, up position for very dirty boost
- ultra lo switch - down position for original Model T voicing (lowest bass range is attenuated), up position for boosted lows (lowest bass range is flat)
- boost mode selector - separate mode for standalone use, slave mode for 'channel' operation activated when 'standby' footswitch is on

NO BATTERY OPERATION POSSIBLE WITH THIS PEDAL. Feed it only with standard 9V DC negative center power supply.

Now it's available with silver-top knobs (a little smaller diameter for convenient use) or black knobs with white line indicator (a little bigger diameter, but indicator line is more visible).