Blue Colander Pedals Acidmaster - Germanium Fuzz / Tonebender MK3

SGD $480.00

Acidmaster is my take on the pretty versatile tonebender MK3 style circuit. I tweaked this and that to give it a quite a different character compared to the original, though.

It's got pronounced brass-like midrange with smooth/warm/dark treble content and pretty intense bass response, what makes it a great MK3 variant for bright amps or just your everyday's huge wall of sound. Enormous output volume and sustain you can trip with. With fuzz knob maxed it's got crazy sputtery and blooming attack which will lead you to the psychedelic 60s garage guitar tones; with knob backed a little - it delivers classic MK3 style fuzz character.

Current Acidmasters are built with original MK3 phenolic PCB downsized reproduction, choice of Texas Instruments mil spec OC41 and Brimar AC113 transistors , new old stock Radiohm pots, tropical fish caps and Philips electrolytic caps, carbon composition resistors.

Battery powered only