Benson Amps 1-Watt Vinny in Aunt Gertie Finish

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jMave Guitars is an authorised Benson amps dealer!

Here we have in stock a 1-watt Vinny amplifier in a premium Aunt Gertie finish. This amp features a giant sound in a compact package, suitable for home practice without compromising on tone quality. No longer worry about annoying the neighbours and having to compromise tone at lower volumes even in the smallest of living spaces.

The single volume control is also a tone control. Vinny is bright when set to low and clean. As you increase the volume, Vinny gets darker and gets into compression and finally overdrive. With the built-in internal load and post-output-transformer line out, the Vinny head can be used as a pre-amp without needing a load box. Real tube sounds at any volume.