Come in for a Sneak Peek!

Here are some teasers for some of the things that are in the works right now.

As with all good things, they take time. Some longer than others, but it is well worth it.

Tao Guitars

Located in Belgium, John and Serge have a real eye for creativity. No two guitars are the same.

It's All in the Details

Sometimes, its the smallest of details that tell the whole story. While insignificant on its own, they all come together as a masterpiece.

Unique Finishes

In this piece, the finish on the guitar is nothing conventional. This one uses washi paper, which is paper that is hand-made with traditional Japanese methods and local fibers.

Coming April/May 2022

Matchless Amplifiers

Matchless Amplifiers was founded in the 1990s. Since then, they have grown from strength to strength to be one of the top boutique amplifier builders in the world.

Estimated arrival in Oct/Nov 2021.

Laurel Canyon

The Laurel Canyon is the latest release by Matchless Amplifiers. It captures the iconic 6V6 sound from the 60s and 70s.

Elliott Guitars

Ahh.. Elliott. You may have seen a few pieces here and there. But its official for us. It is our great pleasure to work with Elliott Guitars and to have their fine instruments on our shores. This is the pinnacle of gear in the Praise and Worship scene.

Coming Sept/Oct 2022

It has been our great pleasure to speak directly to Andy, who owns this company, about our builds and what we have envisioned. As much as we are inspired, we are sure that you will be inspired too.

Bartlett Guitars

Features all of the same qualities you would find in the most collectable and coveted of electric guitars, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul.

Shelton Guitars