Trueman Amplification Fuzz in Pelham Blue Metallic

SGD $740.00





Based on the legendary 1966 germanium fuzz circuit, this pedal puts in your hands the full force of the wild, wooly and raging distortion that revolutionized rock music and changed the world forever.

This pedal is unique in every respect. Hand-built from reclaimed new old stock (NOS) vintage Soviet components and housed in a custom-designed steel enclosure, painted by hand, the Trueman Fuzz 1966 has an authentic sound, look and soul you won’t find anywhere else. 

1966 Fuzz has two operating modes: 1966 Mode yields the pure classic tone of the original effects unit made famous by the rock gods of the 1960s. Our innovative Trueman Mod opens new horizons of bushiness and fuzz with a fatter warm low end, a punchier midrange and even more cutting highs, while retaining the original germanium character.



One big knob controls it all. Using the Bias Control knob, adjust the gating factor of the germanium resistors to perfectly tailor the tone you desire. Steer it clockwise for an evenly gated signal with rich harmonic overtones. Steer it counterclockwise to unleash a thick, electrifying roar. 

The volume and tone control on your guitar become the most powerful voicing tools for customizing your sound. Trueman Fuzz is capable of producing crystal clear tones, sweet and smooth overdrive or a writhing wall of psychedelic fuzz. Plugging in your 1966 Fuzz empowers you to explore new creative horizons and revisit old classics with equal ease.

The Trueman 1966 Fuzz is available to order now. Each unit is handmade, bespoke and unique, and we can finish it in your favorite color, and age and relic it to achieve epic vintage looks.