Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation CV7003

SGD $480.00

All analog sonic recreations of 5 legendary fuzz circuits plus a future classic combination !!

For this limited run of our Constellation Fuzz we carefully hand-select NOS germanium CV7003 transistors (military spec OC44) made in the UK by Texas Instruments in 1968.

Each pedal is built by hand, one at a time in our workshop in Athens, Greece and comes in a beautiful laser-etched aluminum enclosure and natural stained wooden box.


FF: a tribute to the most copied fuzz circuit.
VTB: inspired by the Italian made fuzz circuit
3/2: voiced after the mythical circuit knows as mk1.5
2: the soaring gain 3-transistor fuzz circuit
RM: a treble booster as close as it gets to the real thing
RMFF: a tailor made RM into a FF


Note: Constellation CV7003 requires a center negative power supply for proper operation ( - center, + ring ). It is a positive ground circuit. Do not use a daisy chain power supply with negative ground effects. Please make sure to use an isolated power supply output !