*Pre-Order* CooperFX Generation Loss V2

SGD $460.00

The time is upon us again.. The long-awaited Gen Loss V2 is finally coming soon! Due to the high number of requests, we are opening these up for pre-orders. Purchase now to secure a piece for yourself. Due to rising costs however, CooperFX has had to increase prices on this run so these will cost slightly more than before. These should be here between 19th July - 30th July 2021.


This is the sound of nostalgia. The Generation Loss brings together all aspects of tape degradation and uses a combination of effects to hone in on that sound we’re all familiar with. Generation Loss refers to the decrease in sound quality and introduction of noise and sound artifacts each time a copy is made on magnetic media such as tape. Random pitch fluctuations, filters to cut down on the signal’s bandwidth, sample rate reduction, and noise are all brought together in this pedal to mimic that sound without the need for a broken VHS player.