Standard Elevation Series 17" x 7" Bundle Pack

SGD $230.00

The 17 x 7 Standard Elevation pedalboard is part of the standard pedalboard series from Creation Music Company. Apart from the compact size of the board, the pedalboard height is higher than normal pedalboards, allowing ample room for power supplies and "always-on" pedals underneath for a compact solution to a grab-and-go board.

As part of the series bundle from jMave Guitars, all boards come with a soft case as part of the bundle price. This was not offered by Creation in times past but we are pleased to bring you this offering now. On top of that, this bundle also includes a fur adhesive velcro pasted on the top of the pedalboard, that follows the holes and contours of the board. 

This bundle includes:

1 x Standard Elevation 17 x 7 Pedalboard in Walnut

1 x 17 x 7 Soft Case

1 x Velcro Overlay (Peel and Stick) $30

20 x 4" Zip Ties

8 x 3/4 " Self Adhesive Cable Mounts

4 x 1" Self Adhesive Cable Mounts

(Bonus!) 1 x 9ft of 1" Hook Adhesive (Exclusive to jMave Guitars)