*Pre-Order* Dan Drive Secret Machine

SGD $675.00

This is going to be the final pre-order run for 2021 for DanDrive. Here is your chance to get one of these at retail price! We are specially going to do this run in aged solid colors, which has never been done before in this quantity. Do note that we will allocate the colors randomly as Dan will decide on the spot which color to make. Hence, it will be difficult to say outright how many specific numbers we will have for each color. These should be ready by mid-end Fed 2022.


Just a quick note about the Secret Machine. Each of these pedals has its own character due to the kinds of transistors used. Because of this, each pedal will sound and react slightly differently at specific settings. Dan has mentioned to us that these are basically circuits from the 60s. Also, they have massive outputs. Having the gain too high will cause inadvertent squealing and undesired noise since each control interacts with each other. You should turn the gain to the maximum point where it starts to sound good. Being in a overly warm or cold environment will also affect the sound and you can improve the sound of the pedal by letting it run for 10mins.


*Note* The picture is just for color reference. This link is for the Secret Machine.