*PRE-ORDER* Dan Drive Austin Pride

SGD $675.00

We are very happy to be opening up pre-orders for our upcoming Dan Drive Pedals batch! Due to all the recent chip shortages and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, Dan had many problems sourcing for components and parts. Hence, things were held back for the past 1.5 years and there will be a very slight price increase. After much pain-staking effort to get things sorted out, we are now finally in a position where the pedals will be coming back in stock again! We are estimating that this coming batch will be ready in mid Nov 2021Here is your chance to pre-order one of these at retail price. If you've looked around, it is even almost impossible to get a used Austin Pride now. Even if you do find one, they are a lot more expensive.


We are still finalizing what finishes the pedals would be but as of now, the plan is to have them in both the fabric and Star Wars prints. The other alternative is to have them in solid colors. Due to the limitation of how quickly Dan can hand-make them, we will have a limited number of pedals for these. Here is more info on the Austin Pride:


The Austin Pride is Dan's tribute to the famous Texas Square Face. This fuzz has more output and the useful bass cut. It offers 2 germanium and 2 silicon transistors. You can switch to either germanium or silicon or even both.

  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC/Top output jacks
  • Level/Fuzz/Bias/Clean Up
  • Amp Jewel Light
  • Pedalboard Compatible
  • Switch for bass cut
  • Two Transistor Pair, 2 x Ge, 2 x Si
  • One toggle for each transistor pair
  • Transistors mixable