Melancon Guitars

A few years ago, I became increasingly fascinated with super-strat and tele-shaped guitars that have been specced with select woods and premium appointments. I had always liked the idea of a custom guitar and how you could add certain features that are special to your liking. I even had a few custom guitars of my own and they were all phenomenal in their own way. Since starting jMave Guitars, I carried this dream and idea of these types of guitars with me and I began searching. Amongst the many builders(all great by the way), Melancon Guitars, built specially by Gerard Melancon stood out. Not only are they really beautiful, but they had garnered significant reviews and respect from players all over the world to be in the class of top brands like Suhr and Tom Anderson. 

Founded in Louisiana by the Bayou, Melancon Guitars are all hand-made from start to finish by Gerard himself with consistent quality and consistency throughout. Melancon Guitars are also one of the most competitive guitars in terms of pricing in the market. Below are the 6 builds that will be coming to us sometime in September 2018 and its build progress will be documented and updated here as we go along.


Guitar 1: