Jennings Guitars

Jennings Guitars will now be part of our lineup at jMave Guitars! Hand-built in the USA, these creations are no less than amazing. Jennings offers 4 different types of shapes, each unique in its own way, yet paying tribute to its predecessors. 
1. Voyager
The Voyager features a well balanced offset design that is made from premium hand selected tone woods with light action and smooth playability. Its neck is a slightly thicker C shape made from quarter sawn material. We have designed the body to be slightly thinner making it lighter and more comfortable to play. All guitars go through a 10 stage final check to ensure optimum sonic response and signature Jennings playability. 
2. Voyager Deluxe
The Voyager Deluxe is most known for its transparent acoustic tone and articulation. It covers tonal spectrums from jazz and blues all the way to hard rock and even metal. One of the key design elements was to design a guitar that gets out of the way and allows the artist to express themselves freely. From the articulate fretwork to the clear and articulate tone the Voyager Deluxe will keep you on your toes and excited to keep on playing.
3. Catalina
The Catalina is designed after some of our favorite sought after hollow bodies, maintaining the punch of the bigger bodied instruments, but in a smaller, more comfortable body. Playability is increase to the higher frets due to the offset horns and curved heel design. Just like the Voyager it features premium hand selected tone woods as well as the same light action and ease of playability.
4. Navigator
With lightweight swamp ash, McNelly Signature Series Pickups and a thin finish, the Navigator delivers an incredible tone and feel at a price that is hard to beat. It includes rolled fretboard edges, rounded fret ends and the same high quality touch as the rest of the Jennings line up!